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CDCS Exam Preparation 2018 - Must read the Text Book on The Guide to Documentary Credits by Garry Collyer CDCS
Certified Documentary Credit Specialist (CDCS) is a title in international trade finance. You have to pass a written examination that takes three hours in order to be qualified as a CDCS. By having a CDCS certificate you can prove your knowledge… Read full story
CDCS tips - CDCS study techniques and develop a study plan
CDCS study techniquesUsing your experience, think about study techniques that have helped you in the past and any others you may have come across.Some ideas you may want to consider include:•        Summarize the main ideas in the text.•        Write study… Read full story
CDCS Tips from successful certification examination candidates
Planning your CDCS study •        Your objective should be to arrive at the examination secure in the knowledge that, through a well planned course of study and your practical experience, you are in as strong a position as possible to be… Read full story
CDCS Tips - CDCS content outline
CDCS course outline is important for cdcs candidates who registers to sit for cdcs examination. So, we collect cdcs course outline for you. CDCS examination is arranged by The London Institute of Banking & Finance  with ICC (International chamber of… Read full story
New date of 86th IBB Banking Diploma Examination
86th IBB Accounting For Financial Services and Management Accounting re-exam will be hold on 09 February 2018. See re-exam schedule here. The 86th IBB cancelled examination date may be 02 February or 09 February 2018. IBB will circulate a notice… Read full story
Work stress in Banking are Affecting Employees’ Wellbeing
Regulation is creating change and uncertainty within the financial services industry—and impacting the wellbeing of a bank’s greatest asset: its people.The financial crisis changed everything. We have lost banks that were considered the bedrock of the financial world, and some… Read full story
Banking Diploma Foreign Exchange eBook Free download
Download Banking diploma eBook pdf for Free. Most of IBB candidates are looking for Banking Diploma eBook in google. Hope this ebook will help you.  Ibb banking diploma eBook download from the following link: DAIBB1. International Trade and Foreign Exchange (Hosted in a… Read full story
86th IBB Banking diploma Exam notice December 2017
86th IBB Banking Diploma Examination December 2017 notice and exam schedule is published. 86th IBB Banking diploma examination will be started from 08 December 2017. 85th IBB Banking diploma result is already published.  All new and old candidate must fill-up Entry form (JAIBB or dAIBB)… Read full story
Check your CAMS eligibility by CAMS eligibility calculator
 AmountCreditsProfessional ExperienceEach full year of professional experience up to 3 yearsProfessional certifications (financial related)*Education & TrainingAML Foundations CourseAssociates Degree or equivalentBachelor's Degree or equivalentMaster's Degree/PhD/J.D. or equivalentHours of attendance at a live or online training event on the topic of money laundering… Read full story
4 Easy steps to earn your CAMS (Certified Anti-money Laundering Specialist) certification
4 Easy steps to earn your CAMS (Certified Anti-money Laundering Specialist) certification to be an international professional.Earn the AML Certification Gold Standard4 Easy Steps to Start the CAMS Certification ProcessStep-1: Qualifications and ApplicationCheck CAMS eligibility calculator is the first step for… Read full story
What is CAMS (Certified Anti-money Laundering Specialist)?
Now-a-days AML certification is an international professional Anti-money laundering course. The Anti-money laundering certified specialist is very important for any Banking and financial compliance issue. Also for international trade and business. CAMS certification as wel as AML certification, CAMS Exam, anti… Read full story
CDCS Exam schedule 2018
CDCS exam 2018 will be held on 6 and 7 April 2018.Registration is now open. Be a certified documentary credit specialist (CDCS) beside IBB Banking Diploma.Though you are a Diploma Associate of Institute of Bankers, Bangladesh (IBB), for Foreign trade business, CDCS… Read full story
CDCS Qualification Unit 1 – Principles and Practices of Documentary Credit Transactions (PDT)
CDCS QualificationUnit 1 – Principles and Practices of Documentary Credit Transactions (PDT) A description of Unit 1 (PDT) that provides detail on syllabus content, learning outcomes and assessment criteria, and specific unit level descriptors.Click here to read Get an opportunity to be… Read full story
CDCS Exam Regulation details
This document describes the regulation detail that is applicable to the qualification.   Qualification title Level 4 Certificate for Documentary Credit Specialists   (CDCS®)     Ofqual qualification number 601/1159/8     Qualification level 4     European Qualifications 5 Framework… Read full story
CDCS Exam Fee for April 2018
CDCS Exam fee for April 2018 is given bellow: Description of fee Costs in Pounds Sterling Examination registration fee £510.00* International booking fee £55.00 Examination resit fee £315.00 Resit international booking fee £22.00 Examination deferral fee £132.0 *Applies only to… Read full story